IMG_6782My Name is Kevin Pratt, Author of Gardeners Guide To Growing Fritillaria. A garden speaker for over twenty years, subjects like Poppies small and large, Bulbs, Rare and unusual plants, the flowers of Portugal and of cause Fritillaria. You can email me for a full list and fees. kevinpratt.gardentalks@gmail.com

My work has been gardening in South Manchester. I am qualified in botany, soil science and horticulture with thirty years gardening experience, I worked daily, self employed in some very beautiful gardens in Hale. At the weekend I love my own garden, vegetable allotment and enjoy studying and writing and have now opened a small garden nursery called village plants.

More recently, I am retired from full time garden maintenance to consentrate on the small nursery Village Plants. After 35yrs of Gardening for others I am gardening for myself. I am also studying the genus Stachyurus family, growing most of the species and writing a new guide to Stachyurus.


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