IMG_6782My Name is Kevin Pratt, Author of Gardeners Guide To Growing Fritillaria. A garden speaker for over thirty five years, with 17 subjects available. Owner of Village Plants Nursery Ltd.

My work has been garden maintenance in South Manchester for thirty years. I am qualified in botany, soil science and horticulture.

More recently, I am retired from full time garden maintenance to concentrate on growing rare plants at my nursery, Village Plants Nursery. I offer hardy, locally grown plants, Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Bedding and Hanging Baskets, with advice on where the best plants will grow in your garden. My advice is on experience not out of books. We opened in July 2015 and I am now full time at the nursery.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Kevin,
    My name is Dale Thompson. I recently purchased Sorbus alnifolia and Alnus hirsuta forma ino… I see your availability list and wondered if you had any of the following in stock:
    Betula davurica
    Clerodendron bungei ‘Pink Diamond’
    Itea illicifolia
    Stachyurus chinensis & praecox
    Styrax japonica, Pink Chimes or Evening Light.
    I would like mail order to North Wales as well.
    Many thanks,

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