Village Plants, Whats available.


Here is a list of our unusual plants.

We can offer mail order on some plants please contact us first at kevinpratt.gardentalks@gmail com

We take chq, PayPal and major credit cards over the phone. Post is at cost.

Nyssa sylvatica £18.00

Slow growing shrub or tree with the most stunning rich scarlet autumn colour.

Nyssa pendula £18.00

A weeping form of the above form.

Chitalpa tashkentensis £35.00

Slow growing shrub for a warm wall, pink foxglove flowers give the shrub an exotic look.

Itea Virginica  sold  (picture below)

Hardy easy small shrub with scented white summer flowers and good autumn colour.


Clerodendrum trichotomum. £15.00

A valuable shrub for autumn leaves and blue berries. White scented flowers in August.

Vestia foetus sold out

A small evergreen shrub with pale yellow flowers in summer.

Drimys angina £16.00

A dwarf form with flowers at an early age, evergreen leathery leaves and spring flowers.


We propagate and sell two species in 3L pots 60-80cm tall  price £25.00 each

Stachyurus praecox which is stronger growing and has larger flowers.

Stachyurus chinensis which is slower and more compact for a smaller garden.


Tropaeolum speciosum

The flame flower. Stunning plants and I can show you how to successfully establish this amazing plant in your garden. New stock available in the spring May 18



Lysionotus. Mail order £8 post free

This is a very rarely known plant which is a member of the gesneriad (African Violet) family. Lysionotus has been a hardy evergreen for me for over ten years. We have 3L plants 30cm tall Priced at £10. we have three different species available.


We have large plants available in  5L  and standing 100-130cm tall.  price £15.00. We have smaller 3L plants for £10 and also a few white flowering forms.  I remember seeing this plant at college 35 years ago, it has never been widely available, so I am proud I can offer plants for sale in my nursery. These plants are hardy and have been with me, growing outside for over two years.





We now have a large selection of ferns being propagated by myself here on the nursery. I grow over 50 species and have tried to propagate only the unusual forms.

i.e.   Onychium japonicum      3L  plants



We have three large plants for sale in 10L and 15L pots    70-100cm tall   £15.00 to £35.00



12L pot  large plant 150cm tall now.


Coylopsis spicata     5L pots   120-150cm tall  large plants.   £26.00

I have been shouting loud about this botanic garden plant for the last twenty years. Usually the inferior shrub is sold in the garden centres and this fabulous plant was never seen. This species, Corylopsis spicata has very long and very striking flowers in spring.


We also have these following plants in small quanities.

Stachyurus chinensis £25.00

Stewartia pseudocamelia £18.00


Staphlea pinnata £20.00




Styrax Pink Chimes £15.00

Indigofera silk Road £10.00


Calycanthus raulstonii


Daphne gemmata


Catalpa purpurea £15.00

Fothergilla major £10.00

Jasmine humile

Cypripedium £12.00

Styrax japonicus  £25.00

Gymnocladus dioica £15.00

Koelreuteria fastigiata £25.00

Lespedeza thunbergia  £18.00

Daphne cneorum

Aristolochia microphylla £18.00

Cercis siliq £12.00

We have the shrubby form of this spring flowering gem. Lilac mauve flowers on bare wood in spring. I have grown this in my garden for over 15 years

Coronilla citrina £12.00

An evergreen small shrub which tries to flower all year round. Yellow flowers with a citrus scent.

Corylopsis spicata £26.00

A much better shrub for the garden than the usually sold C. pauciflora. This shrub has long spikes of primrose yellow in spring.

Cercidiphyllum japonicum £15.00

Rounded attractive summer leaves are preceded by purple spring growth and the year ends with spectacular autumn foliage.

Edgeworthia chrysanthemum £35.00

A small growing shrub with highly perfumed flowers in March

Parrotia persica £15.00

Another stunning shrub in autumn, rich copper autumn tints which last long into December.

Cephalanthus occidentalis

A scarcely sold useful garden shrub with late summer round ball, white flowers in profusion.

Rhaphiolepis £10.00

An evergreen shrub with firm leathery leaves and beautiful rose pink flowers in summer. makes a lovely wall shrub.

IMG_2300Prostranthera variegated £12.00

Upright small shrub which looks like a Buddleja until you crush the scented foliage. Summer scented and a nice change to the usual forms sold.

Stachyurus praecox £25.00

We now have some large 1m plants for sale, making it easy to get this beautiful shrub established in any garden