Alnus cordata\wet soil improver.


Alnus cordata is internationally recognised as a shade tolerant pioneer plant of poor soils. Alnus is ecologically important for stabilizing poor wet soils and reclamation flood areas. The roots of Alnus form beneficial symbiotic relationships with beneficial fungi (Binkley 1986.) By planting Alnus in poor wet soil, the Alnus will create a dry area at the base of the shrub/tree and feed underplanting perennials with nitrogen.

Alnus cordata can be grown as a tree or a shrub, pruned annually to a desired shape. Displaying spring catkins and attractive glossy green leaves in the summer, with the bonus of autumn colour to the leaves. The seeds in winter provide food for the smaller birds, this shrub is only widely used in commercial landscapes and small private gardens are missing out on such a beneficial shrub.

Our plants are currently 1m tall, rooted in pots and available at £12.50 per plant.