Comments and Reviews

From Ann. Re: Garden Consultation
I think that yesterday was probably the best £30 I’ll ever spend on this property!  It was a privilege to gain advice from a real expert – even if some of the advice was things we didn’t want to hear! I like your no nonsense approach – tell it how it is.

I also really like the way you are providing the ongoing service. I hadn’t appreciated how this worked before we asked you to pop around. It will surely be a great benefit to your business – there is no doubt that in return for on-going advice I will be buying your plants!!

I have already passed your name onto a friend of mine in Hazel Grove who needs advice on what to plant in her garden.

If you would like a recommendation for your service on your website we’d be happy to provide one (and before and after pictures in the years to come!). Your enthusiasm has made me very excited for this project.