Crug Farm plant fair


Honey, Cake and Pottery at Crug Farm plant fair.

Crûg Farm plant fair today was a splendid example of a diverse day out. There is always a full range of plants from the numerous plant stalls, however what is nice to see was a number of nurseries and people not associated with the ubiquitous plant fairs observed country wide. Where did Bleddyn and Sue find these plant, pottery and independent sellers? What was also exquisite was the small nursery owners making a pound from selling home grown, hardy, local plants. I started this blog with Honey , cake and pottery and that was just three stalls. Three different stalls that had local honey, locally hand made pottery and delicious home made cakes. I could have written ‘photos, vegetables, herbaceous, trees, shrubs, shade loving, sun worshiping plants, damp and dry loving plants, not forgetting many rare and unusual plants’ the range of products and produce was greater than could be found in any modern garden centre, and the plants are far more likely to survive in your garden. Today’s plant hunting adventure filled my car boot with more than the usual rare plants, today’s two hundred mile round trip was an observation to how a plant fair should be organised. Success today should not be measured by profit alone, but by “this is the future of plant fairs.”


I tweeted my internet friends before the sunny drive to North Wales, unfortunately some were unable to drive the distance. What a shame, but gardeners should put next years date (the first Saturday in May) into their diary at the earliest moment. I have yet to talk about the gardens which were fully open and stunning. I have been privileged to seen the garden develop over the years and Crûg Farm gardens are now, mature, full and astonishing. Paths were clean, clear and dressed, borders were weed free, flowering and abundant. Plants were teeming with provocative interest. These gardens could now be classed as a leading example of a beautiful British plainsman’s garden.

Finally if that was not enough, with the sun still shining, you get tempted by some of the countries rarest and recently collected rare plants the adore the Crûg Farm plant sales area. Resistance is futile, captivation is inevitable, your money is far better in their tills and their plants are better in your car boot.

Kevin Pratt

Plants I bought can be found on my Twitter page stachyurus_man

plant talks available

One thought on “Crug Farm plant fair

  1. Kevin came round to look at my garden yesterday and was full of really good ideas and valuable information on all my plants trees and shrubs. He described my garden as a Glastonbury festival garden which made me smile. …I suppose it does give that vibe and I will definitely be getting my future plants and advice from him and his lovely wife (and cats) in hazel Grove. I wish you both lots of luck with your business and will be telling everyone about your stunning secret garden in hazel Grove. Zena xx

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