Village Plants Nursery Comments and reviews


Reviews and Comments on Village Plants.

I welcome reviews of our nursery. This will be our first year and unless we hear what you think, We-Can-Not-Learn.  After you have visited Village Plants I ask you to come back to this page and post a comment on what you have noticed.

All I ask is that you post a balanced view, good and bad points. Please Keep criticism to constructive points so that I can make positive changes.

Visited here last weekend absolutely beautiful plants. Staff so helpful, and a shock at how inexpensive the plants were. Will definitely be going again. Well worth a visit you WILL be suprised. Barbara.

Garden advice service.    Consultation service. 

23 Feb   (Pat)  I was unsure as to how to take the garden to the next level. Your advice on pruning, the placement of plants and the offering of alternatives and the plant care (including your advice about the lawn) was invaluable. The consultation was very useful and good value for money.

Village Plants Nursery.

1 March  (Tony) Kevin, In a small nursery it is good to have access to quick and knowledgeable advice on plants on display and other horticultural questions. Seeing some of the plants you have for sale growing in the garden area is a bonus as the purchaser is able to view the form and habit of the plant. I’ll start saving up for our next visit and making space in the garden for potential purchases.

1 March   (Jenny)  This was my first visit to your nursery and I was very impressed at your organisation and range of plants in a small space. It was obvious that your focus was on plants rather that the decorative. I really enjoyed it and will visit again.

1 March   (Sally)  My friend and I came to your nursery on Friday and really enjoyed the updated garden! We got tips and had a good chat. We both love your nursery and the range of different plants on sale.